Cozy Villa Hotel

Cozy Villa is the latest project of Asiatique Design in Hoi An and features the rare atmosphere of villas in the heart of this ancient town. This hotel, 15-min walk to must-see destinations, is designed as a magnificent white villa complex emerging against the surrounding landscape. You would experience the freshness and peaceful pace of life of so-called "Hoianese" in either Sunset Cove or Morning Glory while indulging yourself into many facilities and delicious food the hotel has to offer.  

With abundant experience accumulated from many successful projects in Hoi An, Asiatique Design has tastefully upgraded 17 rooms in Cozy Villa with consistent vintage theme and unique highlight for each accomodation option. Not to mention the charming wooden and white background, Cozy Villa welcomes visitors with meticulously stylised lanterns and vintage furnishings that both remind the power of time and blend in completely with the surrounding tropical garden. Most importantly, Asiatique Design has preserved fragments of old walls and ingeniously revitalized them with the modern décor.